Monday, August 18, 2014-1st Day of School

1st Day of School!

Welcome to 8th Grade Science!  As you know, my name is Mr. Green, and I am honored to be your teacher for the 2014-2015 Academic School Year. My goal for 8th Grade Science is for you to grow into inquisitive, independent thinkers who care about the Earth we live in. Also, my goal for you all is that all of you (100%) pass the 8th Grade Science STAAR exam in late April. Please be sure you download the required materials if you do not have a copy of it.  That is all for now!

1. Syllabus / Welcome Letter / Materials

2. 8th Grade Review Study Guide

3. 2014-2015 Academic Calendar

4. Personal Goal-Setting Sheet

5. Comprehensive Science Tracker / Science Quick Reference Guide

6. Classroom Job Application- Some jobs, just to name a few are listed below:

    a. Photographer

    b. Anchor Chart

    c. Website Update

7. Lesson Plan for August 18, 2014

8. Agenda for August 18, 2014