The Aron Ralston and Human Adaptation Project

Hey Seniors!

I hope you enjoyed “127 Hours.” We are going to stay on this topic a bit longer, but also, we are going to transition into a project that uses your body as the experiment analogous to the Detox Diet.  For the first portion of the project, we will use Aron Ralston’s arm as a basis for review over the major concepts of Anatomy.  We will then explore Human Adaptations and ‘what would happen if’…scenarios, which I will delve into a bit later.

The Aron Ralston Project–Arm Anatomy

Do 1st–  (Real Footage of Aron Ralston)

View and Listen to video below:

Complete on Looseleaf-

1. What ways did ‘127 Hours’ successfully re-create ACTUAL events of Aron Ralston?

2. What ways could the movie have better improved its storyline of Aron inside the cave?

Research and Individual Work 

Complete on Looseleaf

1. What part of Aron’s arm was stuck in the rock? (Be specific–anatomical language)

2. What part of his arm was salvaged after the amputation?

3. List five major muscles of the arm.

4. Draw a picture of each major muscle.

5. List the major bones of the arm.

6. Draw pictures of the major bones of the arm.

7. List the major bones of the wrist and hand.

8.  Illustrate the major bones of the wrist and hand.

9. List 3 major nerves and arteries of the arm.

10. Draw pictures of the arteries and nerves as they are in the muscle and arm.

11.  List in the correct sequence how pain is perceived in the brain.

12. What type of fracture did Aron have to perform in order to begin to free his arm?  What bone(s) did he have to break?

13. Aron Ralston begins to cut off his arm after he breaks the bones in his arm.  List the layers he cuts through in order from superficial to deep.

Human Anatomy and Adaptations

For this mini-project, I would like for you to explore what it would be like to go for 24 Hours without one of your senses/ a body organ.  Below is an exhaustive list of Human Adapatations you are allowed to explore for your project:

1. Blind

2. No left arm

3. No right arm

4. No arms

5. No right leg

6. No left leg

7. Deaf

8. Mute

9. No left eye

10. No right eye

I want you to make a schedule of the 5 Human Adaptations you choose.  Then, I would like for you to choose a partner to assist you.  I will let teachers know that you are engaging in this project.

For each adaptation, you must research what anatomically or physiologically can lead to for example, blindness, or how a broken leg can occur.  Each night for homework as well will be a mini-reflection of your experience for that day.

* I sincerely ask you that you take this project seriously as your joking around could easily be perceived as disrespect by other students and teachers (including myself) for people who are blind or deaf or mute, etc…

Pre-Questions to Answer:

1. If you choose to go blind, how could you guarantee that all of your notes are successfully written down for that day?

2. If you are mute, how could not answering a question in class when called upon not be seen as disrespectful by another teacher?

3. If you are deaf, what could you do to let teachers know that you mean no disrespect in class?  Is it moral to yell extra loudly for the fun of it? What actions could be seen as disrespectful?

4. If you choose no arms, yet you have a writing asignment, how could you get your assignment done?

5. Is it smart to “go blind” the same time your partner chooses to be deaf/mute?  How important is it for you two to sync your adaptations correctly?

Setting Up the Project and Some Revisions:

In order to lessen the stress that this project may give your teachers, you will just explore your human adaptations project for one day, as opposed to a week.

1. Choose a partner and select an adapatation that you and your partner would like to explore.  Remember, choose partners wisely.

2. Answer pre-questions above and list/describe how you are going to go through your entire day and when you would need your partner. Think through the entrie day; every class period, lunch, P.E, etc…Describe every detail to me on looseleaf.

3. For HW you are to reflect back on your day by writing in your journal. For each adaptation, you must research what anatomically or physiologically can lead to for example, blindness, or how a broken leg can occur.  In the days following after, you will research and find a person suffering from a disability you portrayed that day.  You are to find out how they make it through their days and how their lives have changed.  Describe when they became disabled and how they coped initally, but overcame their obstacle.  (Please don’t use Aron Ralston since we explored his plight in class).


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