How to Upload Video to Prezi!

Hey 7th Grade!

1. To upload videos to Prezi, you need to get the video onto your desktop and save it as a .wmv , or .avi movie file.  

2. From there, log on to Prezi and when you do, click the ” Insert” option underneath the “YouTube” option. Find your video on the desktop and insert it.  Wait for it to load and Voila, it’s there!

3. Press play to make sure it works! Happy recording!

To make a movie from your pictures for your transformative video using movie maker from Windows,

     A. Insert photos in order into the timeline below.

     B. Click on the ” timeline” icon to view the photos actual length.  The photo’s actual length is shown with the white bar.  Click the zoom button to zoom in.  You may need to to see what I am talking about.

C. Shorten the length of the photos to make the transformative video seem more realistic.

D. Save the video file under the option where it asks you to save as a video to a specific location.  A finished video will have a .wmv file not a .msmm file.  Hope it helps!


45 thoughts on “How to Upload Video to Prezi!

  1. kittycat karla says:

    Mr. Green i’m soo confused of making the video pls help meh because i dont want to get a 0 for your class

  2. kittycat karla says:

    hey what happens if we dont know how to make the recorance but only with the pictures is that okay?

    • jessica says:

      yea me to but my mom said that da enternet doode guy is coming onfriday to fix it nd ima get a new computer so yea nd i dnt wanna loose da info

  3. maribel nava says:

    do they have to be on the prezi with our name or a new one ??? and once we have both videos on the prezi do we have to post the link somewhere????

  4. Mr.Green can you please download my video on my Prezi and also the other people (Mia, & Pamela). Did it let you log in or did I accidently give you the wrong password or email?

  5. -MIa-:] says:

    Mr green i can’t get my video on there! i have the movie maker thing but when i look through the files it wont let me select it…

  6. Amy T. says:

    i used a webcam to take my video i tried to upload it from my desktop but it kept saying it was too big on prezi sorry its kind of late i was busy

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