Monday, August 18, 2014-1st Day of School

1st Day of School!

Welcome to 8th Grade Science!  As you know, my name is Mr. Green, and I am honored to be your teacher for the 2014-2015 Academic School Year. My goal for 8th Grade Science is for you to grow into inquisitive, independent thinkers who care about the Earth we live in. Also, my goal for you all is that all of you (100%) pass the 8th Grade Science STAAR exam in late April. Please be sure you download the required materials if you do not have a copy of it.  That is all for now!

1. Syllabus / Welcome Letter / Materials

2. 8th Grade Review Study Guide

3. 2014-2015 Academic Calendar

4. Personal Goal-Setting Sheet

5. Comprehensive Science Tracker / Science Quick Reference Guide

6. Classroom Job Application- Some jobs, just to name a few are listed below:

    a. Photographer

    b. Anchor Chart

    c. Website Update

7. Lesson Plan for August 18, 2014

8. Agenda for August 18, 2014


The Aron Ralston and Human Adaptation Project

Hey Seniors!

I hope you enjoyed “127 Hours.” We are going to stay on this topic a bit longer, but also, we are going to transition into a project that uses your body as the experiment analogous to the Detox Diet.  For the first portion of the project, we will use Aron Ralston’s arm as a basis for review over the major concepts of Anatomy.  We will then explore Human Adaptations and ‘what would happen if’…scenarios, which I will delve into a bit later.

The Aron Ralston Project–Arm Anatomy

Do 1st–  (Real Footage of Aron Ralston)

View and Listen to video below:

Complete on Looseleaf-

1. What ways did ‘127 Hours’ successfully re-create ACTUAL events of Aron Ralston?

2. What ways could the movie have better improved its storyline of Aron inside the cave?

Research and Individual Work 

Complete on Looseleaf

1. What part of Aron’s arm was stuck in the rock? (Be specific–anatomical language)

2. What part of his arm was salvaged after the amputation?

3. List five major muscles of the arm.

4. Draw a picture of each major muscle.

5. List the major bones of the arm.

6. Draw pictures of the major bones of the arm.

7. List the major bones of the wrist and hand.

8.  Illustrate the major bones of the wrist and hand.

9. List 3 major nerves and arteries of the arm.

10. Draw pictures of the arteries and nerves as they are in the muscle and arm.

11.  List in the correct sequence how pain is perceived in the brain.

12. What type of fracture did Aron have to perform in order to begin to free his arm?  What bone(s) did he have to break?

13. Aron Ralston begins to cut off his arm after he breaks the bones in his arm.  List the layers he cuts through in order from superficial to deep.

Human Anatomy and Adaptations

For this mini-project, I would like for you to explore what it would be like to go for 24 Hours without one of your senses/ a body organ.  Below is an exhaustive list of Human Adapatations you are allowed to explore for your project:

1. Blind

2. No left arm

3. No right arm

4. No arms

5. No right leg

6. No left leg

7. Deaf

8. Mute

9. No left eye

10. No right eye

I want you to make a schedule of the 5 Human Adaptations you choose.  Then, I would like for you to choose a partner to assist you.  I will let teachers know that you are engaging in this project.

For each adaptation, you must research what anatomically or physiologically can lead to for example, blindness, or how a broken leg can occur.  Each night for homework as well will be a mini-reflection of your experience for that day.

* I sincerely ask you that you take this project seriously as your joking around could easily be perceived as disrespect by other students and teachers (including myself) for people who are blind or deaf or mute, etc…

Pre-Questions to Answer:

1. If you choose to go blind, how could you guarantee that all of your notes are successfully written down for that day?

2. If you are mute, how could not answering a question in class when called upon not be seen as disrespectful by another teacher?

3. If you are deaf, what could you do to let teachers know that you mean no disrespect in class?  Is it moral to yell extra loudly for the fun of it? What actions could be seen as disrespectful?

4. If you choose no arms, yet you have a writing asignment, how could you get your assignment done?

5. Is it smart to “go blind” the same time your partner chooses to be deaf/mute?  How important is it for you two to sync your adaptations correctly?

Setting Up the Project and Some Revisions:

In order to lessen the stress that this project may give your teachers, you will just explore your human adaptations project for one day, as opposed to a week.

1. Choose a partner and select an adapatation that you and your partner would like to explore.  Remember, choose partners wisely.

2. Answer pre-questions above and list/describe how you are going to go through your entire day and when you would need your partner. Think through the entrie day; every class period, lunch, P.E, etc…Describe every detail to me on looseleaf.

3. For HW you are to reflect back on your day by writing in your journal. For each adaptation, you must research what anatomically or physiologically can lead to for example, blindness, or how a broken leg can occur.  In the days following after, you will research and find a person suffering from a disability you portrayed that day.  You are to find out how they make it through their days and how their lives have changed.  Describe when they became disabled and how they coped initally, but overcame their obstacle.  (Please don’t use Aron Ralston since we explored his plight in class).

How to Upload Video to Prezi!

Hey 7th Grade!

1. To upload videos to Prezi, you need to get the video onto your desktop and save it as a .wmv , or .avi movie file.  

2. From there, log on to Prezi and when you do, click the ” Insert” option underneath the “YouTube” option. Find your video on the desktop and insert it.  Wait for it to load and Voila, it’s there!

3. Press play to make sure it works! Happy recording!

To make a movie from your pictures for your transformative video using movie maker from Windows,

     A. Insert photos in order into the timeline below.

     B. Click on the ” timeline” icon to view the photos actual length.  The photo’s actual length is shown with the white bar.  Click the zoom button to zoom in.  You may need to to see what I am talking about.

C. Shorten the length of the photos to make the transformative video seem more realistic.

D. Save the video file under the option where it asks you to save as a video to a specific location.  A finished video will have a .wmv file not a .msmm file.  Hope it helps!

12G. Mitch’s Case Study 4.25-4.28.11

Senior Anatomy Project—Putting It All Together—part 1


You are a dietician.  You are a friend of Mitch’s family and have been asked to help develop a nutrition and exercise plan for Mitch.  Mitch is a 77 year old male that has been gaining weight over the last three years.  He is 5’11’ and weighed 165 lbs three years ago.  He has put on 35 pounds.  Mitch has lived alone for 6 years now.  Six years ago, he used to take walks with friends regardless of the weather.  He also bowled once a week and played shuffleboard twice a week.  He used to go to the recreation center every Saturday and swim for an hour. Mitch has quit all of these activities and doesn’t like to be told he needs to be more active.  Mitch is also a smoker and likes to drink alcohol. He has smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years. He also doesn’t miss a meal and eats more now that he doesn’t exercise.  His favorite foods include fried chicken, hamburgers, meatloaf and breads.  He normally has a piece of fruit with breakfast and some form of potatoes with each meal.  Mitch’s mother lived until she was 92 and her death was attributed to old age.  His dad died at 81 and had a history of diabetes (Type II).

Develop a realistic nutrition and exercise plan for Mitch in a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper. Use insights from your notes and the Internet (cited sources), the Recommended Dietary Allowances, Recommended Dietary Intakes for his age group and gender, and information from readings. The plan must be plausible enough to be initiated within the constraints of the nursing home environment (for example, no $3000 gym equipment in a nursing home).

Day 1 –Monday, April 25, 2011 –The Research

  1. In class I need you to research and save as much information onto your USB as possible, which includes copying this entire document and pasting it onto a .doc file and printing it out later.
  2. b.      Your research must include: (Be sure to cite ALL sources!)
    1. Proper exercise plans (Specific exercises, reps, sets)
    2. Appropriate length of time for exercise plan
    3. Vitamins, supplements to take
    4. Proper foods to eat
    5. Facts about Type II Diabetes
    6. Facts about smoking including lung pictures impacted by 30 years of smoking
    7. The Liver and Alcohol Consumption
    8. BMI index for Mitch’s height and weight
    9. Ideal BMI index for his conditions and your exercise timeframe regiment
    10. Recommended Dietary Allowances
    11. Recommended Dietary Intakes for hid group and gender.

Day 2—The Draft part I (Tuesday, April 26 2011)

On loose-leaf I want you to develop a brainstorm map and outline that places all of your research into a cohesive, coherent work.  A lot of ideas are mentioned above, but I want you to organize it into a brainstorm map first, then into an outline.  Remember it is to be done on loose-leaf.  Please don’t procrastinate in doing this.  The assignment is due by the end of class tomorrow.  I will not be there (TAKS), and I am not sure if you will have access to the computer lab.  That is part of the reason why I want the outline and brainstorm map on loose-leaf.

Day 3—The Draft part 2 (Wednesday, April 272011) “First paragraphs”

On loose-leaf, as proof as you have been keeping to your timetable, I want you to manually write the first paragraph of each topic within your essay. I am looking for completeness and preparation and investment into your project.

Day 4—Final Paper Thursday, April 28 2011

Call this the crazy, mad typing day.  You have the class to type your paper, cite sources in your bibliography, and take a pic and upload your loose-leaf drafts and your final paper onto your Prezi under the name, Mitch’s Case Study.